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Innovative Solutions by Design

  • Adaptive Grippers


The adaptive gripper DHDG consists of a pneumatic drive and three gripper fingers with Fin Ray Effect, derived from the movement of a fish’s tail fin. The structure is based on two flexible bands which come together at one end to form a triangle. Intermediate struts at regular intervals are connected to the bands via joints. This flexible but firm design allows the gripper fingers to adjust to a workpiece’s shape.

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  • Pneumatic Cartridge Valves

The Ultimate System Solution

Pneumatic cartridge valves take pneumatic system design to a new level. Pneumatic cartridge valves replace large, cumbersome direct piped valves with a small package size that has a high flow rate to size ratio.

100% Leak Free

All external piping is eliminated. The only connections are incoming air and outgoing system connections.

Energy Saving

Because of their compact design and generous size flow passages, cartridge valve manifold systems have lower pressure drop compared to conventional designs. Reduced pressure drop dramatically increases overall system efficiency.

Cost Effective

Substantial cost savings can be realized in a number of different areas:

  • Reduced Installation Time and Cost
  • Lower Purchasing Costs
  • Reduced Handling Costs and Time
  • Maintenance Free

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  • Cost Effective Color Vision Camera

Vision Color Sensor specializes in every type of color.

Color is an important characteristic when detecting and distinguishing objects in the production process. Whether it is colored markings in quality assurance, colored imprints and labels, LEDs or display elements, assignment of cable harnesses or the degree of browning of baked goods – industry is much more colorful than you think. And not every color is the same ...

Luminous or "non-color"?

Conventional color sensors have to pass when dealing with luminous objects or the "non-colors" white, grey and black. The Vision color sensor from SensoPart knows no such limitations – it not only "sees" objects of any shape and color but on top of that also supplies additional information on color intensity and the position of the object sought. There is no question about it: where conventional sensors only see grey on grey, SensoPart Vision sensors are full of color!

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