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Innovative Solutions by Design


Mechatronics is a design process that combines mechanical, electrical, control and computer engineering. An important development from this technology is intelligent actuators. These actuators are capable of complex motions and force control.

Benefits of this technology include:

  • Faster machine cycle times
  • Increased machine productivity
  • Improved machine control
  • Energy efficient
  • Repeatable machine performance
  • Precise control of acceleration/deceleration
  • Precise velocity control
  • Accurate positioning
  • Force control

We offer one of the most comprehensive selection of smart actuators in the world. One unique advantage we have is the ability to combine several different technologies – electromechanical, servo-pneumatic and pneumatic – to give you the highest performing, most cost effective solution to your motion control requirements.

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  • Actuator Construction Technology
  • To meet your precise requirement, as well as budget, we offer a wide range of technologies. The following is a description of each technology.

    Ball Screw Actuators

    Key Performance Features:

    • High Precision
    • High Thrust Force
    • Smooth Motion
    • High Duty Cycles

    Belt Drive Actuator

    Key Performance Features:

    • Medium Precision
    • Economical
    • Long Strokes
    • High Speed
    • High Duty Cycles

    Linear Motor Actuator

    Key Performance Features:

    • High Precision
    • High Acceleration Rate
    • Very High Speed
    • High Duty Cycles
    • Long Strokes
    • Zero Backlash

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  • Actuator Overview
  • To optimize your design we offer many different actuator styles and construction technologies. These various actuators can be combined to make multi-axis systems.

  • Rodless Actuators
  • —Belt Drive
    —Ball Screw
    —Linear Motor

  • Actuators with Rod
  • —Ball Screw
    —Linear Motor

  • Guided Actuators
  • —Ball Screw
    —Linear Motor

  • Cantilever Actuators
  • —Ball Screw
    —Belt Drive

  • Rotary Actuators
  • —Belt Drive

  • Linear / Rotary Actuators
  • —Ball Screw
    —Belt Drive

  • Electric Grippers
  • —Ball Screw
    —Belt Drive

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  • Advanced Handling Systems
  • 3-Axis H-Gantry

    A new generation of pre-engineered handling systems saves you engineering, installation, assembly and start-up time. Design features include:


    • Defined load, dynamic response and positioning characteristics.
    • Wide range of sizes and work envelopes.
    • Add electric grippers or suction cups.
    • Comes complete with controller.


    • Maximum acceleration and high effective load.
    • High pick rates and maximum working strokes.
    • Optimum working space coverage, compact mounting.

    4-Axis Cartesian

    Dual Axis Cartesian

    2-Axis T-Gantry

    Tri-Pod Robot

    Scara Robot

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  • Single and Multi-Axis Controllers
  • To complete your system we have the precise controller for your application. All actuators can be controlled via a simple PLC with digital I/O. The move can be either a simple profile move or a series of complex moves. Other actuators can be controlled with powerful, simple to use multi-axis controllers. For high level control systems we offer integrated Fieldbus network solutions with the most popular protocols such as Ethernet IP and Profibus.

    Types of Multi-Axis Motion Control – Motion Profiles

    1. Point-to-point asynchronous:

    Axes move independently of each other    
    No coordination    

    2. Point-to-point synchronous:

    Axes start  and end together    
    Path is not guaranteed    
    Linear motion ( 1 - 4 axes) possible    

    3. Interpolated motion:

    Axes start and end together    
    Path is guaranteed    

    4. 3D motion:

    Axes start and end together    
    Complex kinematics possible    
    Tool – center point programming possible    


    Typical Controllers

    Motor with
    Integrated Controller

    Actuators with Integrated Controller

    Programmable Motion Controller

    Network Controller Up to 16 Axes

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