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Innovative Solutions by Design

  • Pneumatic System Saver
  • Maximizing system efficiency
    Minimizing overall system cost

    The Ideal System Solution

    The Pneumatic System Saver takes pneumatic system integration to a new level. It takes a broad range of components and allows the designer to create the most sophisticated pneumatic assemblies in the world.

    Maximum Efficiency

    Large flow passages, minimum transmission line lengths, small package size and limited use of fittings yield the highest efficiency possible.

    Leak-free Design

    Because threaded connections are minimized the assembly is virtually leak free.


    Assemblies are available in three different sizes: MINI, MIDI and MAXI. Connection sizes range from 1/8” NPT (G1/8) through 1” NPT (G1). Valve functions include 2/2, 2 x 2/2, 3/2, 2 x 3/2, 5/2 and 5/3. Flow rates range from Cv’s of 0.08 to 2.45. A complete range of air preparation components can be integrated into the assemblies. Other available options include T-Blocks, adapter flanges to combine different size units and panel flange blocks.

    Significant Cost Savings

    The Pneumatic System Saver provides significant cost savings in several different areas:

    • Valve function and size can be optimized for each system function.
    • Lower overall system costs.
    • Reduced installation costs.
    • Reduced installation time.
    • Lower handling costs.
    • Total acquisition cost is minimized.
    • Pre-tested assemblies minimize start-up issues.
    • Custom solutions at a “standard” component price.

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  • Pneumatic System Saver Panels
  • Exceptional Panel Design

    In our panel designs we start with our Pneumatic System Saver concept. Design features compared to traditional pneumatic panel design include:

    • Generous flow passages to minimize pressure drop.
    • Leak free design.
    • Up to 85% of threaded connections eliminated.
    • Easily serviceable components.
    • Clean design – minimum use of transmission lines.
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  • Pneumatic System Saver: Client Driven Designs
  • Designs for YOUR unique application

    For those applications where you need something out of the ordinary we have the solution! We have a wealth of knowledge and experience solving the most difficult and complex applications:

    • High Flow Rates
    • Complex Circuits
    • Vacuum Integration
    • Proportional Pressure Control
    • Pneumatic Cartridge Valves
    • Space Constraints


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